Michele Boyer, as a sculptor, expresses her art in diversified mediums: clay, bronze, alabaster, and marble. All these materials reveal their own beauty and are used accordingly, in Michele’s various styles of sculpture. Her styles include traditional busts and figures, stylized figurative (abstracted figurative), whimsical and abstract. Some sculptures are a single form or figure and some are two or more figures or forms. Her sculptures speak for themselves, easily expressing the thoughts of the artist.

 Michele has spent many years working with master teachers in Italy and the United States.  She now sculpts three months a year in Italy, in major foundries (Beani-Cacia and Mariani) and marble studios, where she rents space and carves marble (Silverio or Palla or other studios) in Pietrasanta, the sculpture center of Italy. In the United States, she pursues her career in her own studio, clay modeling and marble carving in both small and large scale, as well as creating commission work. She uses foundries in the United States and in Italy. She uses the ancient lost wax method for bronze casting and uses various patinas to complement each sculpture. 

 A career as a sculptor is a natural extension of talent inherent in Michele.  Born and educated in New York, she was a professional dancer in Television, Movies, and Theater, which continued well into her marriage and raising of her three children. Her early schooling centered in costume design and the theater arts. Her transition into sculpture became as obsessive as her dance. She studied at Every Woman’s Village, Northridge College, Barnsdale Art School, Scottsdale Artist School, Marble Carving in Italy and many sculpture workshops with well-known Sculptors. She presently resides in Los Angeles, California.


 Artists create art because they must. I create what I must at that moment in time. My styles and materials vary out of a need to express my thoughts, feelings and techniques.  Ideas put into tactile materials give me a sense of satisfaction and a desire to create new and different works. Art unquestionably comes from the inner spirit.